Last Rides

It seemed to creep up fast, at least in the Wasatch, the mountain biking season is closing down. Certainly in the high country, there is snow above about 7000 feet to shut the higher alpine trails. Down in the scrub oaks and aspens in the mountain valleys, it has been wet and cold.


The Glenwild trail system behind Jeremy Ranch had almost a foot of snow the first weekend of October. It melted fast, but some bits lingered on the north aspects, and the trails went through the melt/freeze cycle. If you didn’t get on ’em early while frozen, they turn to mud. The past few weeks however, the riding has been colorful and smooth. The fall rains provided for smooth trails, and the golden carpet provided by the falling leaves is sublime. The colors of changing trees have been fantastic despite the dry summer, the rains came later this summer, and gave a boost to the fall foliage.


The trails have been relatively busy as folks wrangle in their last rides of the fall before the snows, and then head south for some desert riding before bikes are stowed, and the skis are waxed.


Some of the trails in the SLC area will remain popular, as folks get in that ‘one last ride’ before winter hits. Unless of course it all warms back up, and we have an indian November! Get it while you can!


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