Gear Review- G3 Zen Oxide C3 105


Zen C3 105-New

The advent of fatter skis presented a conundrum in the ski manufacturing community, how to balance the fatter skis with a lighter weight favored by ski tourers who are always looking for ways to shave ounces? The Zen Oxide has always been a popular touring model in the G3 line, and with the new C3 105, the standard has been raised. Utilizing a CarbonUltraLight construction that shaves off 17% of the weight from the previous model, the skis check in at an amazing 2.9 lbs. per ski. The early rise tip, and 131 mm width tip provide plenty of agility and float in powder, and the positive camber will allow you to leave any signature you desire on the mountain. Of course, the lightness of these boards will be getting you up the skin track faster and easier, and allow for more turns, and for you to travel longer into the backcountry. G3 calls this their ski of the future, and we’ll have to agree with them. 5 lengths available, $850